> Thesis »Illustrations on Illustration«
Diplom-Ausstellung Sommer 2006

Diploma thesis »Illustrations on Illustration«

Why and where is illustration used? What function does it have? And how does it do what we want it to do? In my diploma thesis I illuminate these questions with comparisons. Starting with »Macbeth« as a textual basis I developed fitting illustrations for a range of applications and contexts, such as newspapers, posters or music CDs.

Composition, colouring, typography and technique transport the desired message and influence its effect on the viewer – often subtly and unconsciously. The style is supposed to conform to the image and identity of the sender. It should also harmonize with the expectations about the medium. Is it possible to sometimes cross these traditional patterns?

Diplom thesis »Comparative exploration of the relationship between the intention, style and effect of illustrations«; summer 2006; University of Applied Sciences Augsburg, Design faculty
NB: While I used the original Shakespearean text to connect my illustrations, the thesis itself is in German. Only some of the answers to my questionnaire are in English (see »theoretical concept« below)

Banner für Ausstellung

For the presentation and degree show I designed this 8,40 m long banner (PDF; 3,8 MB). In the continuing grey strip runs the text of »Macbeth«, the comparative illustrations are linked with correspondent situations in the play.

I wanted to have a »moveable« version of my thesis as well. So I repackaged the same content into a more compact leporello (PDF; 1,8 MB).

The theoretical concept (PDF; 2,6 MB) contains an in-depth analysis of the illustrations and some insights into the working process. Additionally, I sent a questionnaire to »laymen«, students, industry insiders (Steven Heller, Julius Wiedemann...) and professional illustrators asking »What is illustration?«. Some very interesting and insightful answers can be found in the appendix (partly in English).

Newspaper illustration. The same story from different perspectives.
Posters for plays and movies.
music cds
Illustrations for music CDs. Which style goes with which genre?

For University of Applied Sciences Augsburg
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