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Brief: Create a radio advertisement promoting the important part that real photographs play in our lives.

Radio »Ex-Boyfriend«

Woman [A] is mad at her (ex-)boyfriend

1 [A (very angry)]: Oh I hate him hate him hate him! The lousy cheating bastard! AARGH! I’m gonna erase him from my LIFE!
2 [SFX Computer booting]
3 [A]: C’mon start up ya piece o’ crap ... Okaaay... click »DELETE ALL« — »YES« —— Yes! Ha!
4 [silence]

5 [voice-over] Somehow, it is just not the same as tearing apart your ex on real photos.
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6 [SFX: Paper print being ripped; voice-over:] Snappy Snaps - We Make It Real.

For UCLAN Preston, Snappy Snaps
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