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Werbung für öffentliche Parks.

TV spot »Closer than you thought«

Family loading van for holiday: toys, ball, camping gear…

Finally, all complete: kids in car, dad is last

Close-up of ignition as dad turns it on (slowly)…
[SFX: engine starts: BRRRRRRR…]

Instantly kids in the back begin screaming: »ARE WE THERE YE…«
[SFX continues: BRRRRRRR…]

But dad cuts them off: »Yes, we are«
[SFX engine stops]
Kids: »Huh?«

Outside shot: van at the park
[SFX birds chirping]

Voice-over: Closer than your kids believe. Your local park.
[SFX birds chirping]

now empty van at park, kids running in the distance [faint: »Yeeeeeah!«]
[SFX birds chirping]

Für UCLAN Preston, Cabe Space
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