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TV spot »Treasured moments«

Mum working, boy calls excitedly.

She turns and sees him arriving VERY dirty, with an unidentifiable object in hand.
Boy: »Mum, look what I found! Rover was chasing a mouse and it went in a hole and so I dug it up…«

Close up of Mum’s look of horror
Boy: »…and I think it’s a treasure there or maybe a dinosaur because you know…« (voice goes on and fades)

Camera moves from boy to washing machine with PERSIL on top. [boy still talking in background]
VO: »A few years later, this…«

Mum smiles a little
VO: »…will be one of those ‘treasured moments’«

»Persil. Because life is like that.«

Für UCLAN Preston, Persil
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