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Radiowerbung für Fotos auf Papier.

Radio »New Baby»

Setting: Office
[A] office worker; [B] co-worker, new dad

1 [A]: Hey John, how’s the new baby?
2 [B]: Oh, splendid! She’s a beauty! I’ll show you the photos...
3 [SFX: B trying to connect digicam to PC: Clang Bong Boink Beep...(continuing)]
4 [B]: DARN! You got a cable for this?... Thanks ... OK ... no, wait ...needs a driver ... now ... click here ... what? what now? ARGH NO! SH*T!![fade out]

5 [Voice-over]: He should have printed the pictures at SNAPPY SNAPS the digital and photo specialists.
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6 [back to SFX / frustrated voice of B]: Come on now, pleease pleaaase show me my pictures...

6 [A]: Uh, John? Sorry to be impolite, but, you know, I’ve got work to do... so... see ya later...

Für UCLAN Preston, Snappy Snaps
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