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Radiowerbung für Fotos auf Papier.

Radio »Family Pictures«

Mother [M] and child [C] looking at photo album

1 [C]: Who’s that, mummy?
2 [M]: That’s Grandma as a little child
3 [C]: And that?
4 [M]: That’s Dad and Uncle Pete, when they were about your age...
5 [C]: And who’s that?
6 [M]: Well, that’s your big brother! My, can you believe he was so small then!
7 [C]: Mum? Why are there no new pictures? Where am I?
8 [M]: Errm...

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10 [C]: Don’t I exist at all?

8 [M]: Uh, well, Daddy lost the memory chip...

8 [M]: Hmmm. There must be some photos of you on a CD, in the basement, probably...

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