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Die »Fleckenteufel« entfernen unerwünschte Flecken.

TV spot »Confession«

Old lady going to church

going to confession

OL (timidly): »Forgive me, father, for I have sinned.«

Priest (bored): »Tell me, sister, what have you done?«
OL: »I’ve made a pact with the devil…«

P (shocked): »YOU WHAT?«
OL: »…and not just one of them.«
P: »How could you sell your soul…«

OL: »Well, they helped me get rid of a nasty old carpet stain, and another worked wonders on my husband’s Sunday best and…«
P: »Erm, what devils are you speaking of exactly?«

OL: »Stain Devils of course! They’ve got a solution for every problem!«

P (laughing): »Sister, let me assure you, your soul is as clean as your carpet…«

Für UCLAN Preston, Staindevils
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