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Die »Fleckenteufel« entfernen unerwünschte Flecken.

TV spot »Wedding«

Obnoxious presenter: »Hi there. Let’s talk about stains today. The most common stains can all be found at a big event like a wedding.«

»there will be wine stains…«

»and grass…«

»probably lipstick…«

»maybe even blood…«

»all kinds of mud and dirt basically.«

Priest comes out of church:
«Stop it, now! Look at you! We’ve got to clean up this mess before the ceremony…«

»…and I know who will help us.«
Starts murmuring and gesticulating, summons fiery pentagram

…out of which stain devils appear [sfx: pop]
Presenter: »Stain Devils. Also available at your local supermarket.«

Für UCLAN Preston, Staindevils
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