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Brief: Promote Dr & Herbs Chinese remedies. Continue to change attitudes towards Chinese Herbal Medicine. Make it more familiar and more accessible, break down the taboos surrounding it.

TV spot »4000 years ago«

Scene: Caveman sleeping in dark and cold cave; Style: rough woodcut
»What was life like 4000 years ago? Well, they had accommodation…«

pan to: two cavemen eating freshly killed bear
»…they had food, just like us…«

cut to: close-up of wild looking grunting caveman
»…and even doctors!«

zoom out to patient getting anaesthetized.
Just before the hit…

screen goes black
[sfx: WHACK!]
»That’s not bad at all, is it?«

Scene: Chinese city; Style: brush + ink
»Let’s see what’s going on in a different part of the world at the same time. In China they also have accommodation,…«

pan to: busy market scene, s.b. cooking with a wok
»…and food…«

cut to: Chinese doc preparing herbal tea
»…and doctors«

zoom out to: »hospital« scene with another doc doing acupuncture;
Dr&H sign on front

morph into logo
»Dr&H brings Traditional Chinese Medicine to you. And 4000 years of wisdom.«

For UCLAN Preston, Dr & Herbs
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